The Greatest Joke of All Time

I personally created this amazingness in flash.  Enjoy below.


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How to Make a Sandwich

1. Obtain your bread of choice (choose wisely because the proper bread will take the sandwich to another level).


2. Slice the bread into halves or just normal slices, depending on your bread of choice.

3. Obtain the deli products you need to make your sandwich.

Deli Counter

4. Place half of your chosen protein, or deli meat, on each slice of bread.

5. Then, add on your vegetables and/or cheeses to go in the middle of the sandwich.


6. Close up your sandwich and enjoy!

Sandwich 2

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Site Review 2

This is the sequel to my last site review of my friend Jordan, at .  I took his recently added Philadelphia Eagles trivia game and got a 5/5.  His logo was original and looked nice when combined with his background.  I solved his puzzle and in the process learned a fact about drunk driving.  Did you know that every fourty eight seconds a person becomes handicapped by a drunk driver?  I took Jordan’s poll over which sport was the people’s favorite.  At this point there is a four way tie for first between tennis, golf, football, and soccer.  Jordan’s travel pages are highly accessible due to his drop down menu and themed buttons.  Jordan would like to go to Italy, France, and Philadelphia.  His pictures give a good perspective of those locations and he made me consider visiting them myself.  Overall I would give Jordan’s blog a 9.685 out of 10, and it has improved immensely from the time of my last review.

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My Superhero Poll

By the way, I also saw a couple of other interesting polls at:

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Metro North Train Accident

On December 1st, 2013 at 7:20 AM a Metro North train flew off of the tracks as it hit a sharp turn while going too fast.  Some blame the train conductor for going excessively quick which cost four people their lives and injured 63 more.  When asked about the accident Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, in his statement left open the possibility of human error or foul play.  He said, “There has to be another factor. It can’t just be the curve.”

Train Guy

For more information go to

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Public Service Announcement

Smoking is a popular hobby in the United States. Smoking cigarettes is a common and increasingly expensive hobby at that.


  • 440,000 Americans die annually due to smoking related illnesses.
  • Treatment for smoking related diseases costs the United States over $150 billion each year.


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Who doesn’t like candy?  My favorite candy is M&Ms, specifically peanut M&Ms.  I like them because they combine chocolate and peanuts, which make any amazing candy snack.  They are also portable and allow you to eat some and save some for later.  My friend Jordan’s favorite candy is Skittles.  He likes them because they’re fruity and he enjoys “tasting the rainbow”.


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